Feel Sun Paper's glory, from here, from now

Group profile
Founded in 1982, Shandong Sun Holdings Group is a leading cross-national papermaking group integrating timberland pulpingand paper making. Headquartered in Yanzhou District, Jining City of Shandong Province. Shandong Sun Paper engages in such business areas as investment, papermaking and hotel and has the following subsidiaries: Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock (stock code: 002078), International Paper & Sun Cartonboard, Shandong International Paper Sun Paperboard, Shandong International & Sun Food Packaging Material, and Sun Plaza International Hotel. To date, Shandong Sun Paper has RMB29.2 billion total assets and more than 10,000 employees, ranking the 306th among China's top 500 enterprises. It is a leader in Chinese papermaking industry and a top 50 papermaking company in the world. Shandong Sun Paper has six major product lines, namely premium coated packaging paperboard, high-class art paper, high-class cultural and office paper, specialty fiber dissolving pulp, household paper, and industrial paper. Main brands include Golden Sun (a famous brand in China, Huaxia Sun, Brilliant Sun, Weier, Lecopy, Koolprint and Sun Elements. Harmony and win-win development for enterprise, environment and society is the consistent pursuit of all Sun Paper people. By 2016, tShandong Sun Paper has accumulatively invested more than RMB4 billion in environmental protection. Its outgoing wastewater COD and BOD are less than 30mg/L and 10mg/L respectively, no chemical-mechanical pulping effluent is discharged, and water consumption per ton of paper on average reaches the world-leading level of 5m3. Meanwhile, Shandong Sun Paper has continuously increased investment in technological R&D to reduce environmental impact in terms of product and raw materials, and actively planted trees to improve the eco-environment and achieve economic, environmental and social benefits all at once. Going forward, Shandong Sun Paper will continue to take the path of green development and accelerate the adjustment of strategic structure and corporate transformation and upgrade, with the aim to achieve the "4-3-3" strategy and become a sustainable and respectable world-class conglomerate. 

Words from Chairman Li

More than 30 years ago, Sun Paper was founded in the ancient city of Yanzhou. Today Sun Paper has established presence all over China. Through 30 plus years of rain and sunshine, Sun Paper employees have stayed united and grateful all the way. We are grateful to our country. Sun Paper is blessed with a prosperous age. Reform and opening-up set a vast stage in China, on which Sun Paper has risen. We are grateful to our homeland. The Confucian culture has nurtured Sun Paper. We are grateful to our friends. Thanks to the strong support and ceaseless efforts by leaders on all levels and our partners,必赢亚洲捕鱼,信誉保障的娱乐平台:Sun Paper has grown bigger and stronger. I want to express my gratitude and blessing to everyone who cares about and supports Sun Paper
When we look back on Sun Paper's tremendous changes during its growth, there must be a moment or a period that we will never forget. We've grown up against difficulties, we've transformed amid challenges and innovations, and we've gathered strengths through painstaking efforts.
Sun Paper's development history of more than 30 years is like a magnificent epic with continuous climaxes. While the brilliant chapter of the first 30-plus years is still ongoing, the beautiful melody of the next decade is already looming. Today Sun Paper has a firmer foundation for scientific development, but the new situations, problems and pressure it faces on the way of development are as tough as ever. All Sun Paper employees must work more proactively and creatively, keep up the pioneering spirit, and maintain the drive for exploration and innovation. Only in this way can we surmount all challenges and turn Sun Paper into a sustainable and respectable world-leading conglomerate.  

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